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Citizens for Peace (CfP) is a non-political organization that was formed in response to the violence and anarchy that ravaged Mumbai in 1992-93. We are a group of concerned citizens who spontaneously banded together out of revulsion at the tragic events in the city then. We were driven by the determination to re-affirm Mumbai’s cosmopolitan ethos and liberal, enlightened tradition.

At the time, CFP maintained a round-the-clock office to deal expeditiously with urgent cases of distress and danger to life. CFP was able to collect donations and help from many sources and bring relief to victims of the violence in different ways. This work was made possible by a task force of highly motivated CFP volunteers across Mumbai.


The communal carnage in Gujarat in 2002, terrorist attacks of various kinds and other forms of sectarian violence across India are a constant reminder that peace is something we have to work towards constantly.



CfP's Perspective

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