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We believe India is a plural, multi-ethnic society, where many different communities can coexist in peace. Therefore we raise funds to support peace building initiatives in communities and to help in the relief and rehabilitation of victims of communal and sectarian violence.

Citizen Action Groups

We make short term and emergency grants to grassroots organisations that respond immediately with relief and legal aid to communities affected by religious, caste or ethnic violence.

Some examples:

We mounted a direct relief operation across the city of Mumbai during the riots of 1992-93. This work continued for several years to support rehabilitation of affected persons.

Citizens for Justice and Peace is a Mumbai based intiative, run by Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand, that focuses on rehabilitation of victims of communal violence. CJP came into existence as a response to the carnage in Gujarat in 2002 and has done seminal work in working with the legal system to secure justice for the victims, for example the well-known BEST Bakery case, which led to conviction of several of the accused.

We also support groups and organisations that promote ongoing dialogue and unity among different communities towards building peace and security.

Mohalla Committees were set up in Mumbai in the wake of the Mumbai riots of 1992-93. The Committees were made possible by the combined efforts of prominent retired bureaucrats, retired and serving police officers, social activists and concerned citizens, including Mr B.G. Deshmukh, Mr Julio Rebeiro, Mr Satish Sawhney, Ms Sushoba Barve, Mr Achintya Mukherjee, to build peace between communities in areas that had been traumatised by the riots.

Aman Biradari is a network of social activists and concerned citizens set up in Ahmedabad as a response to carnage in Gujarat. The network was founded by former IAS officer Harsh Mander, as a unique youth initiative that seeks to bring together young people from all communities to work towards reconciliation and cooperation. Aman Biradri volunteers are also engaged in transforming the lives of children living on the streets of our cities. This intiative seeks to help young people find their own strengths and build new friendships and understanding that cuts across community lines.

Grant amounts are individually considered on a need basis and can be used for activities or general support.


We will be providing fellowships to individuals to work for dialogue and unity among different communities.

CFP fellows will be those citizens whose efforts will strengthen the democratic values of a free and plural society.

Fellowship amounts will be individually considered on a need basis.


We are planning an awards initiative that seeks to honour individuals, organisations and citizens groups that have contributed significantly to building a vibrant secular culture in India. These could be local, regional or national efforts that have left an indelible mark on India’s secular polity.


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