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Citizens for Peace believes that true peace is not merely absence of visible violence. It is a consequence of just rule of law which enables the participation of all sections of society. Therefore, along with the executive wing of government, the judiciary, the political parties and the media – the business community also has a vital role to play in building a true peace.


Indian business can play a key role in lobbying for good governance practices which prevent  communal tensions and avert outbreaks of mass violence. This would be logical extension of the existing efforts by Indian companies to demand higher standards of governance. Moreover, many corporate executives grapple with painful questions about what to do in situations of communal tension and conflict within the workplace and in the communities where their workers live.


Citizens for Peace has drafted a  Corporate Code. CfP calls on all corporate houses in India. to adopt this  code.  It includes the parameters of what the corporate sector can or should demand from State authorities, as well as guidelines for actions to be taken within a company. 

The Voluntary Corporate Code drafted by CfP has been adopted by:

AFL Ltd.( De Facto)

Forbes Marshall

Haribhakti Group of Companies


Mahindra & Mahindra

Midday Group

Thermax Ltd.



The organisations have started an online discussion group to share experiences, best practices, challenges and ideas.


THE CORPORATE CODE: The Role of the Private Sector in building India’s immunity against communal violence: A Draft Voluntary Code Proposed by CfP for Business


Rule of law, order and social justice are the basic pre-requisites for a stable and peaceful society. This in turn ensures sustained prosperity.

True peace is not merely absence of visible violence. It is a consequence of just rule of law in ways which promote respect for the dignity of every individual, enabling the participation of all sections of society in accessing the fruits of progress.


CSR and sustainable development

by Rajendra K Pachauri, 21 Sep 2009, The Economic Times

Capitalism and the role of private enterprise are currently being questioned across the world, particularly after the last year’s economic meltdown and the current economic recession, which has gripped the world. Criticism, which appears largely valid, focuses on the factors that led to the current crisis.


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