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Violence or Non-Violence?

by Satya Sagar, 10 Jan 2010, Frontier

The reason why the Maoists get so much play from the government and national media is precisely because of their regular use and explicit promotion of armed action as a means to further their cause. The same national political elite and media that calls on the Maoists to enter the mainstream, abjure violence and work within the framework of the Indian Constitution, would not pay any attention to their demands at all if the latter really give up the gun.

Just look around India right now and there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of social activists and groups working peacefully and democratically on a range of important issues for many years. There are movements against forced displacement, struggles for land and forest rights, education and health facilities or the rights of oppressed castes and ethnic minorities – some of them successful, many of them not so. All are dismissed by those in power as not 'threatening enough' to be taken seriously. Ironically or deliberately, for all its official abhorrence of violent means, the Indian State and its faithful media are promoting the perverse idea that 'if you want to be heard, you have to use the gun'.


The fine print of violence

by Amit Sengupta, Civil Society, 01 Feb 2010

This is a review of a book "Mumbai Post 26/11" edited by Ram Puniyani and Shabnam Hashmi.

This compilation analyses the terror attacks on 26/11 in Mumbai from various angles, based on the understanding that deeper issues are hidden behind every such tragedy. It discusses terrorism, law, Indo-Pak relations and the deceptive role of the Indian State. Most of the chapters have been written in the immediate aftermath of the Mumbai carnage and they tangentially and tangibly move around, before and after the complex patterns of terrorism and investigations.

The broad contours of the analysis include the killing of non-combatants, the political motive or the secret planning of such attacks where the actors are even willing or keen to lay down their lives for bringing about such devastation.




The Jihad Against the Jihadis:

How moderate Muslim leaders waged war on extremists—and won.

by Fareed Zakaria, 12 Feb 2010, Newsweek

September 11, 2001, was gruesome enough on its own terms, but for many of us, the real fear was of what might follow. Not only had Al Qaeda shown it was capable of sophisticated and ruthless attacks, but a far greater concern was that the group had or could establish a powerful hold on the hearts and minds of Muslims. And if Muslims sympathized with Al Qaeda's cause, we were in for a herculean struggle. There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims living in more than 150 countries across the world. If jihadist ideology became attractive to a significant part of this population, the West faced a clash of civilizations without end, one marked by blood and tears.





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Updates : Nandita Haksar - 13 December 2009

Citizens Initiative for Peace and the maoist challenge

The Resolution (Entitled "Stop Offensive, Hold and the Unconditional Dialogue" in Mainstream) made by the Citizens Initiative for Peace has put forward six "simple yet urgent demands".

If one closely examines the six demands it is clear that the Resolution has fallen into the trap of the Indian State which wants the focus to be on the question of violence and not on the very real problems that the Maoists have focused on.

There is a very real danger that the State will not only try and crush the Maoists but will put down all resistance to the very unjust and unconstitutional economic policies being pursued which have deprived hundreds of thousands of fellow citi-zens of their rightful share in development.

by Nandita Haksar, Frontier 13 December 2009

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