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Secularism and Secular Action

by Shweta Damle, Centre for Education & Documentation

The constant attack on the secular fabric of the Indian society in the last two decades has been raising a fundamental issue about the concept of secularism - its alien-ness to India

This little booklet is a modest attempt to trace the concept of secularism, and to touch upon related debates surrounding the issue. It also tries to look at the element of the rationality of the concept as being a tool for organising society in times of crisis; especially, in the case of India, as it focuses on the freedom movement and the rise of the concept of secularism.

It finally looks at the various attempts made by civil society organizations and institutions to restore the secular fabric of our society.

Blood Brothers
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CfP had a special session with Faisal Devji to try and unpack Al Qaeda in terms of peace and terrorism

Faisal Devji began by reading a paper - Blood Brothers

While scholars, journalists and policy-makers in Europe and America invariably describe Al-Qaeda as a foreign, exotic and difficult to understand threat -- militants who identify with it routinely view their enemies in the most familiar of terms. Whether or not they really understand the West, these men's professions of intimacy with it ,hint at a more complex relationship.

How does the radical Muslim's intimacy with his enemy help us to understand the character of globalized militancy today? For one thing it becomes meaningless to search for the source of terrorist energies in some secret history or arcane text, the preserves of specialists on Islam or the Middle East. Indeed given the many claims of familiarity and even fondness that militants make about their enemies, opposing them to the West for analytic if not political reasons becomes absurd. The task that confronts us is to forego the easy identification of Muslim terrorism with some alien past or place, neither of which can account for the emergence of "home-grown" militants integrated within Euro-American societies.


Terrorism and other themes - policies, principles and practise
Robi Chakravorti, Seagull Books, 2006.

The Aftermath of War
Jean Paul Sartre, Translated by Chris Turner, Seagull Books, 2008


26/11 Mumbai - A Digest of articles on terror attack on Mumbai
compiled by Anhad

Narcissism and Despair - by Ashish Nandy
The Little Magazine

Gaza: Banality of Morals - by Gil Anidjar
Economic and Political Weekly, February 2009




A book on MUMBAI Post 26/11

This compilation analyses the terror attacks on 26/11 in Mumbai from various angles, based on the understanding that deeper issues are hidden behind every such tragedy.

Edited by Ram Puniyani and Shabnam Hashmi

Rs. 395

Published By Sage

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