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Conquering hearts
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Conquering hearts

by S Nayyar Iqbal Raza, 01 January 2010, Communalism Combat

In praise of common Americans


Greg Mortenson is an American and, like our philanthropist Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi, likes to spend his time with the underprivileged and poor without discrimination, according to the Dawn article by Safia Siddiqui on November 22. He represents thecommon man in America who is humble, kind, generous and good at heart.

He came to Pakistan to scale K2, the second highest mountain in the world, but had to abandon the climb near the top to rescue his friend below. He lost his way during the descent and wandered to a remote village where the villagers nursed him back to health.

Azan after 62 years
Resources - Article & Books

Azan after 62 years

01 January 2010, Communalism Combat

Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab help restore a mosque

After partition, a number of mosques in Punjab became isolated with no one to offer prayers and take care of them. Majlis-e-Ahrare-e-Islam Hind has revived over 100 mosques to date. The latest was on Dec. 12, an Ajitwal, Moga where a three century old mosque saw namazis after 62 long years




by Mohammed Wajihuddin, 28 Mar 2010

Mogra was part of the four-member prominent British Muslim delegation which visited Mumbai this week.The delegates,with their day-long interaction with disparate groups of Indian Muslims conservative clerics,firebrand women activists and liberal Islamic scholars at the Indian Merchants Chamber near Churchgate,mirrored a changed mindset sweeping across multicultural Britain.The Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)-sponsored Projecting British Muslims (PBM) programme,initiated after the July 7,2005 London bombings,brought down a team which truly comprised moderate,accommodating Muslims.Apart from showcasing British Islam,the delegates also taught a thing or two to Indian Muslims on how to get integrated in a diverse,democratic society.


Love-hate ties

by Bhaskar Ghose, 23 April 2010, Frontline.

There is a fund of goodwill among Indians and Pakistanis for each other but why do governments of the two countries hate each other?All Indians know that Pakistan considers India to be The Enemy. Paradoxically, they do not hate the Indian people, nor do Indians hate Pakistanis. There may be indifference or ignorance, as there is in some areas of the country, and, in North India there is a great deal of goodwill, even affection, for the people across the border, individually and as a body in Pakistan. But India is hated as The Enemy, while in India Pakistan is disliked and distrusted, not as The Enemy but as a very big and potentially dangerous irritant.

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