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'Allah & Balaji are one'

by P Nilima, Times of India, 20 Feb 2010



Hasti Bibi likes jalebis

by Kumar Manish, 20 Feb 2010, The Times of india, Crest edition

The gokhlo is a simple marble cavity with a clay lamp resting on a bed of roses and mogra.Its most endearing feature is that it is built fairly low in order to allow a child to peer inside.


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Aarti after azaan

by Akhilesh Kumar Singh , Times of India, 23 January 2010

Every day at the break of dawn in sleepy Kharkheri, at the foothills of the Aravalis, the muezzin's azaan - a call to worship -rings out loud and clear, urging believers to invoke Allah with the fazra namaz, the first prayer of the day. At around the same time, Hindu devotees are awakened by strains of Om Jai Jagdish Hare that wafts in from the village temple amid the tinkling of bells and clanging of cymbals. There will be aarti at sunrise.

Chand Bhai's family in Kharkheri, on the outskirts of Ajmer, responds to both - some quickly do the wazu (ritual washing of hands and feet for namaz), and the rest head for a bath before the aarti.


Hindu students shine in madrassas

by Faizan Ahmad, Times of India, 13 Oct 2009

Are madrassas meant only for Muslim students Far from it, if results of Bihar State Madrassa Examination Board are anything to go by. Pooja Kumari, Preetam Kumari, Priyanka Kumari and Surya Narayan Sah all students of Madrassa Islamia, Sandalpur in Araria district are among 100 Hindu girls and boys who have passed different grade exams conducted by BSMEB this year. The results of the madrassa board for Maulvi, Fauqania and Wastania grade exams, declared last week, showed that about a hundred non-Muslim students have passed these exams.

Citizens Initiative for Peace and the Maoist Challenge

by Nandita Haksar, Mainstream, October 30 2009.

I have read the Resolution (entitled “Stop offensive Hold Unconditional Dialogue” in Mainstream) made by the Citizens Initiative for Peace very carefully and I would like to raise some questions about the list of six demands that have been formulated in the light of the discussion and debates around the question of the Indian State’s decision to deal with the “Naxalite problem” with brute military force.

Ram-Rahim Nagar: Oasis of peace

by Anosh Malekar
After four major Hindu-Muslim riots, Ahmedabad is a divided city. There is a ‘Muslim Ahmedabad’ and a ‘Hindu Ahmedabad’. Except for Ram-Rahim Nagar, a slum where Hindus and Muslims have lived together and worked together to ensure that the riots leave them untouched. What is the secret of their success?


Here aarti, namaaz are in perfect harmony

At a time when Muslims are having a tough time buying flats in housing societies in the cirty, a residential complex in Andheri provides a lesson in communal hormony


A Chronicle of Peace
A story about Orgram village in West Bengal where the local madrasas is a powerful symbol of religious harmony.



Freedom is just a word
by Rina Mukherji, 01 January 2010, Civil Society

We talk of freedom but agore the transgressions that take place on our freedom. Every day we are hindered in some way or the other. The irony of freedom is explored by three South Asian photographers in an ongoing multimedia show at Experimenter, Kolkatta. Naeem Mohaiemen of Bangladesh, Bani Abidi of Pakistan and Shilpa Gupta of India set their lens on the imagery of freedom and conclude, 'freedom is notional'.

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