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Between the devil and the deep sea

by Satya Sagar, 01 Mar 2010, Communalism Combat

The truth is that those who run the Indian state, and sections of the Indian population who benefit from its policies, really don’t give a damn for the people the Naxals or other Left forces are trying to mobilise. The Dalits, Adivasis and the poor in general can all shrivel up and die for all they care. Whether these folks want it or not, they will be subjected to a perverse development process that involves driving nails through their flesh and laying rail-lines across their bones so that a small minority of Indians can have their ‘infrastructure’ and feel like a ‘superpower’. If they choose to fight back, they will be crushed like flies – the endless legions of unemployed Indian youth from around the country marshalled in uniforms for this genocide.

Both the Maoist leadership and the Indian state, it seems, are keen on playing with each other only one game, called ‘revolution and counter-revolution’, which ends only when either of the two players ceases to exist forever.


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