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The pulpits of our mosques have begun to booby-trap the public’

01 January 2010, Communalism Combat

Dhiyaa Al-Musawi, Bahraini intellectual, says the Arab world is regressing into a language and culture of death. He airs his views in an interview with Abu Dhabi TV.

I do not believe in gallows of ideology. Our problem in the Arab world is that we have many gallows of ideology and of accusations, of socialbetrayal, on which we try to hang an intellectual, a thinker or a poet every day, just like in the case of Naguib Mahfouz and others. We, I am sad to say, are against creativity and civilisation and against any language that seeks common ground in society. We must have the courage to get rid of the "backward" cholesterol of ideology, accumulating in the arteries of Arab awareness and the Arab mind.

This is not masochism – the kind that psychologists talk about – or self-flagellation. This is the truth. We have not developed, even to the point of admitting defeat. In the past we had a civilisation, in Andalusia and in many other places. But today we are regressing – we export violence, we terrorise whole countries, we threaten national security and many other things. We need to reform and reshape religious thinking because, in all honesty, the pulpits of our mosques have begun to "booby-trap" the public.




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