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Updates : Nandita Haksar - 13 December 2009

Citizens Initiative for Peace and the maoist challenge

The Resolution (Entitled "Stop Offensive, Hold and the Unconditional Dialogue" in Mainstream) made by the Citizens Initiative for Peace has put forward six "simple yet urgent demands".

If one closely examines the six demands it is clear that the Resolution has fallen into the trap of the Indian State which wants the focus to be on the question of violence and not on the very real problems that the Maoists have focused on.

There is a very real danger that the State will not only try and crush the Maoists but will put down all resistance to the very unjust and unconstitutional economic policies being pursued which have deprived hundreds of thousands of fellow citi-zens of their rightful share in development.

by Nandita Haksar, Frontier 13 December 2009


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