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Perfect Circle
Chetan Warrier co film maker of Perfect Circle
Making any movie is intiself a new experience everytime.
When we come across a subject like secularism, the first thing by default comes to ones mind is the Hindu-Muslim unrest that has been goin on since ages. So when we started to plan out the movie, we needed to look at the different messages that we would probably send across to people after the execution.
We have to put across our point without taking stands or keeping in mind the sentiments.
We made this movie because we were against sterotyoping particular sect of the society, so it has been a wonderful experience to give out a message.

Sajnu Nair co film maker of Perfect Circle

The story that occurred to me is a simple daily life happening. The movie is an incident that you, me or your neighbor can relate to! Precisely why the film has had its  own effect on our team while making it! Such racial discrimination will only leave us with losses than any gains.





Chetan Warrier and Sanju Nair received the 1st Prize for their film Perfect Circle


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