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Souvik Gupta , maker of Neighbor
Making NEIGHBOUR has been an extremely worthwhile experience - a journey truly fulfilling. Not only was I trying to be technically precise and dealing with human emotions like despair, hope and friendship, but it was also about portraying people as I see them -- an extremely delicate subject to handle. I owe my film to my real life Neighbour, someone who had always been extremely cordial, even letting us shoot some scenes in her home. It taught me a very important lesson -- with people moving out of their homes and settling in smaller units, Neighbours can fill up a very crucial void by being family to each other. Another major thing that NEIGHBOUR taught me was the trust factor. I met most of my unit over Facebook, including my lead actors and DOP. 
I had hardly met them before the shoot and they all put in their best efforts to make the film as good as we could. They all were from different religions, cultures and backgrounds. Despite my initial hesitation about working with people I didn't know (especially because the shoot was in my home), they made me come out of the skepticism and for that, I would be perenially thankful. 

I would like to make this message reach out to as many people as I can. Contrary to the popular belief, people in Mumbai are not just about money. People here support an earnest effort and passion. To conclude, I can say, making NEIGHBOUR  has made me an evolved human being - someone who looks at the world with far less prejudices that he used to 6 months back.


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