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Citizens for Peace and students of Burhani College at the Festival of India, Kala Ghoda


30th October and 1st November: Students recited poems and Urdu nazms on the theme of unity and non-violence.

Inspired by the journey that they have embarked upon with CfP's peace process, students performed to a packed audience and their passionate renderings of the words of Syed Mohammed Masoom, Sahir Ludhianwi and Kaifi Azmi drew a huge applause.


Some quotes from some of the eternally beautiful words of these great poets…



by Sahir Ludhianwi

Ae rehbar e mulk o qaum zara
Aankhein to utha, nazrein to mila
Kuch hum bhi sunein, hum ko bhi bata
Yeh kiska lahoo hai, kaun mara?

Dharti ki sulagti chhati ke bechain sharaare puchte hain
Tum log jinhein apna na sake, who khoon ke dhaare puchte hain
Sadkon ki zubaan chillati hai, sagar ke kinare puchte hain

Yeh kiska lahoo hai, kaun mara?
Ae rehbar e mulk o qaum bata
Yeh kiska lahoo hai, kaun mara?.........

Ae mere desh mere mulk ke insaanon suno
Sikh eesaai suno, hindu musalmaanon suno

Sikh eesaai hain, na hindu, na musalmaan hain hum
Dharm insaaniyat apna hai, ek insaan hain hum

Zulm dhaane ka sabaq kisne diya hai bolo
Khoon bahaane ka sabaq kis ne diya hai bolo………………….



by Syed Mohammed Masoom

Mera payaam dahshatgard ke naam

Hai na koi tera muzhab aur na koi hai watan
Kaun sa muzhab sikhata hai yeh dahshat ka chalan
Deen se tujhko kya gharaz too apni nafrat mein magan
Baad mein banna musalmaan pehle tu insaan ban

Tujhse dahshatgard deen e Mustafa badnaam hai
Sach to yeh hai ai basher too dushman e Islaam hai…………..



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