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PEACE INITIATIVES: Extempore Speaking Contest

September 24 2009: As part of the process of engaging with the youth on issues of peace and harmony, Citizens for Peace collaborated with students of Burhani College for an Extempore Speech Contest.

As a first step towards creating awareness about and promoting the idea of peace among our own students at Burhani College, an Extempore Speech Contest was held in the college premises on Thursday September 24 2009. The participants were from the FY BMM i.e. First Year, Bachelor of Mass Media. The response was highly encouraging with a considerable number of students participating.


The choice of topics selected were

1. Non violence is the weapon of the strong.

2. All religions preach the same thing.

3. It is more important to be a good person than to follow rituals.

4.The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.


The participants threw up interesting angles of thought on the topics selected.


The first prize was shared between Ms. Sheba Qazi and Mr. Naved Peerzada. The second prize went to Ms. Tahura Siddiqui while Mr. Murtuza Wadiwala stood third. Deciding the winners was not too easy a task as various others also put up commendable performances.


The entire group of senior students who had participated in the Workshop in Delhi then spoke extempore and shared their views, though not as part of the contest. Similarly Ms. S. Dossa, Ms. F Waris and Mr. Shridhar Naik also made short extempore speeches on one of the above topics selected, with a view to encouraging and enlightening the students.


The enthusiasm among the students was appreciable and we look forward to having many more activities in the coming semester.


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