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Prabhash Joshi

Citizens for Peace mourns the passing away of Prabhash Joshi, noted journalist and a great champion of communal harmony. Shri Joshi, 72, passed away on November 6th, in New Delhi.


Prabhash Joshi played a seminal role in challenging the ideology and politics of ‘Hindutva’ as fostered by the BJP and Sangh Parivar. He wrote and spoke as a practicing Hindu, deeply rooted in the traditions of his native Madhya Pradesh. Quoting both scriptures and lived experiences of contemporary Hindu society, Prabhashji repeatedly showed how the Sangh Parivar's concept of Hindutva was a violation of the very essence of what it means to be a Hindu.


Many of these writings were brought together in the book ‘Hindu Hone Ka Dharma’, published by Rajkamal Prakashan in 2003. This book, like other writings of Prabhashji, will remain a major resource for generations to come - as 21st century India celebrates its multi-religious character and evolves its own unique form of secular culture.


We offer our condolences to Prabhashji's family and his many colleagues who depended so closely on his intellectual guidance. CfP counts itself among the organizations that benefited from Prabhashji's insights. We will miss him sorely and honour his memory by renewing our resolve to foster peace and harmony between all faiths, castes and communities.


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