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From Jaipur to Bangalore to Ahmedabad and beyond, the message is clear. Horrific pain and agony have been inflicted on innocent people in order to make Indians at large feel afraid and helpless.

Because frightened people are easier to divide.
Because helplessness can lower people’s confidence in their innate ability to bridge divides and build peace.

Citizens for Peace honours and salutes the millions of citizens who have boldly defied the forces of darkness by refusing to feel helpless.
We honour Citizens who have rushed to the rescue of victims and their families.
We honour Citizens who have tirelessly repeated, over and over again, that those who plant bombs and those who kill neighbors during riots — both have no religion.
We honor Citizens who work tirelessly to insist that the law prosecute all perpetrators of violence.

Above all we mourn the loss of loved ones.

We invite all our fellow citizens to join hands with us to relentlessly counter terrorism and build a deep and active peace.

Statement from Citizens for Peace
July 28th, 2008


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