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Aman ki Asha

'We have to make the impossible possible'

by Asha Rai, 18 May 2010, Times of India.

Indian companies can help Pakistan firms, they can start operations there provided our businessmen and customers are certain that the environment of cooperation is permanent.


Before dealing with Kashmir, India & Pakistan should try six easy steps to peace

Times of India, 13 May 2010.



The need of the hour is cooperation

by Amitabh Mattoo, Times of India, 09 May 2010.

Water is likely to be the most divisive issue between India and Pakistan in the future.Or water could,with the right imagination and political will,become the basis for enduring bilateral cooperation.traditionally the water wars rationale forecasts war between countries dependent upon a shared water resource if there is water scarcity,competitive use and the countries are enemies due to a wider conflict.India and Pakistan were,by this logic,prime candidates to go to war.


Pakistan must resolve its own problems

by Irfan Husain, Times of India, 09 May 2010.

The subcontinent is on a knife-edge as its water resources are depleted and population soars.Media attention is increasingly focused on the issue but much of it is ill-informed and emotional and the narrative appears to suggest that India is somehow stealing our rightful share as per the Indus Waters Treaty.This,despite the assurance from officials charged with monitoring river flows into Pakistan that India has not diverted our water.

An estimated 40 per cent of Pakistans irrigation water is either wasted or stolen.Charging more for the water used would reflect its scarcity value and prevent waste.Drip irrigation of crops could become routine.It is a fallacy that the water that flows down the Indus into the sea is wasted.The co-mingling of river and seawater has created a vast ecosystem essential for marine life to survive.This provides livelihood to thousands of fishermen.Even the farmers in Sindh do not trust Punjab,and regard the Indus as their river,as it was until partition.


As India and Pakistan argue over sharing their rivers,COULD PEACE BE A WASHOUT

09 May 2010, Times of India.


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