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Ancient land route may be reopened,says Indian envoy
by Salman Siddiqui, 16 May 2010, Times of India.

To normalize relations between Pakistan and India Many believe that apart from letting people meet easing visa restrictions),one of the most powerful tools for goodwill and normalization is trade.Official trade,that pays the government dividends in taxes while the trader benefits from larger markets and the consumer benefits from competitive prices.Trade is the only way to eliminate the poverty from the region and elevate the living of at least 350 million people living in absolute poverty in the South Asian region, the Indian envoy told businessmen at the meeting.If India can expand its trade with China to $55 billion in just a brief period then why not with Pakistan.



Trade could be as much as $10bn,but the biggest bonus: PARTNERSHIP & PEACE

by Rahul Kansal, 16 May 2010, Times of india

When two hostile countries develop an economic stake in each other, peace becomes an imperative and war a non-option.


'Trade breaks down mindsets'

by Abdul Razaak Dawood, 18 May 2010, Times of India.

Breaking down trade barriers between India and Pakistan may go a long way in easing up the current trust deficit. Abdul Razzak Dawood, who heads Descon group, one of Pakistan' biggest construction and engineering conglomerates spoke to TOI on the issue.



Business of peace: It's time to walk the trade tightrope

18 May 2010, Times of India

The business communities of both countries have also not been able to leverage each other's financial, technological, and managerial resources and expertise given the several barriers to investment that are currently in place. Such lack of investment-led relationships has impeded the development of meaningful cross-border supply chains and has not allowed the development of large-scale infrastructure and energy projects of mutual benefit to both countries.


Aman Ki Asha biz meet begins today

Asha Rai, 18 May 2010, Times of India.

ndia has granted Pakistan MFN status but grouses that Pakistan hasn’t. Pakistan, understandably has issues with being swamped by its larger neighbour if unfettered access is given. But dialogue can help identify areas in which Pakistan can benefit from the huge Indian market. It can also help identify changes in policy that would facilitate higher trade. In fact, even within the current regime there are certain roadblocks that can be cleared.

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