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We, as Citizens for Peace, have a dream — a dream that moves us to do more than just celebrate India’s cultural diversity.

The Essay Competition is one way of creating a public platform for collective introspection that will help us to move towards a fresh and finely tuned understanding about what it means to be Secular. In other words this is the quest for a State of the Art Secular culture for India in the 21st century.

This annual essay competition, held for three years ( 2005, 2006, 2007) in collaboration with the Indian Express, has been our very first major step towards nurturing an open space in which citizens from all over India and all walks of life can voice and share their concerns and aspirations.

The response has been heartening. Hundreds of essays in English and Hindi have came in from across India — Shimla to Salem, Jamnagar to Kolkatta and some from small villages. Most of the entries were painstakingly prepared and filled with a passionate determination to foster a social political climate of fairness between not only different religions but also castes.

Essay themes:

2005 : “A Secular Re-think”

2006 : “Not People Like Us” A Citizens Dilemma

2007 : “Living with Differences”


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