Why the gun?

Himanshu Kumar of Vanvasi Chetna Ashram, Bastar, Chhattisgarh


What is the conflict about? Why do people take up arms when they know the result may be death?

After all, whose world is this? Everyones? If so, in what proportion?

We say everyone is equal. But then we made some rules. You are MA pass, so you will have more, He is uneducated, so he will have less. I am of a higher castes, so it is okay if I have more. He is lower caste, so he will have less. I stay in Bombay, so I need more. He stays in Bastaar, and so he will have less.

We justify this difference. It is part of our value system . We have socially accepting this. And it is endorsed by our political system.

This difference is a form of structural violence. And it is further protected by the police, government and the forces, using further violence if necessary..

We are part of this structure, but are beneficiaries,

People who are outside this structure, who are loosers, will not accept this structural violence. They challenge the structural violence, the value system, and the political system. They are fighting.against it.


We speak about peace and justice. Who wants peace. Peace is what you- the beneficiaries of the structure want. Since you are living well and you want this style to carry on uninterrupted.

He wants justice. His priority is not peace. And for wanting this, he is being attacked. He is being suppressed. He is being displaced. He home is being burnt. He wants justice. And we don’t give him the justice, and therefore he take to the gun.


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