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Belief Beyond Borders

Belief Beyond Borders

by Anahita Mukherji, Times of India, 20 Feb 2010.

The grassroots vigour of India's multi-faith spirituality has often been admired by societies where boundaries of identity are hidebound and beliefs more absolute.Which begs the question: Is the diversity of divinity an attitude that has been artificially grafted onto the popular psyche by the progressive founders of free India? The answer,quite simply,is that it is not.While religious inclusiveness is very much an article of faith of the modern Indian state,with a Constitutional guarantee and Gandhi's beloved hymn Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram as its anthem,it is not so much state-sponsored as instinctive and unlearned.Godliness is an ancient glue that pre-dates the Nehruvian idea of a secular India.Attar and aartis have been perfuming devotions side by side for centuries,and this aromatic mingling is a far more organic charter of secularism than the landmark 42nd amendment.


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